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Nick Cannon split from Mariah Carey because their relationship was no longer growing

Nick Cannon knew his marriage to Mariah Carey was over because they were growing apart as a couple. They separated in 2014 and their divorce was finalised last year (16), as Mariah was preparing to wed her now-ex-fiance James Packer. Nick and Mariah have never opened up in detail about

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Saint Blasphemer – Theotokos

Arguably, the most greatly anticipated release of this decade is the elusive new Tool album. The prog/alt-metal band have cultivated an intensely loyal fanbase who hang on their every word much like the world did at the height of Beatlemania. Any music is violently consumed over and over until it becomes mantra and the lyrics are dissected with the utmost rigour and scrutiny. Over the last 11 years, the fans have been left “waiting like a stalking butler” while Maynard

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Drinking Caffeine Contributes to Hearing Loss, Study Finds

  Morning Joe can compound hearing loss. Drinking caffeine can dramatically affect the body’s ability to recover from hearing damage, according to a strange study just released.  Specifically, the study concluded that caffeine can seriously impair the body’s ability to recover from short-term hearing loss after extremely loud events (like loud concerts, firing guns, etc.)  Even worse, caffeine consumption can contribute to longer-term, permanent damage that would otherwise be repaired. The finding, conducted by

StubHub Hacker Gets Up To 12 Years In Prison Over $1 Million Ticket Scam

StubHub hacker gets up to 12 years in prison… The ringleader of an international ticket scam who led a group of five men which targeted the online ticket exchange company, StubHub was sentenced to 12 years in prison by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. The ring of men hacked StubHub users, stole online personal information and credit card details, and then used this data to buy tickets for events, shows and concerts.

Music Downloads Post Their Worst Decline EVER

It’s official: 2016 is the year that killed music downloads. Last month, sources pointed Digital Music News to double-digit declines in music download sales, with drops potentially exceeding 20 percent year-on-year.  But actual figures released early this morning show a sharper drop than imagined.  According to Nielsen Soundscan first-half figures, music downloads dropped an astounding 23.9%, with total sales landed at 404.9 million. The severe drop is the worst on record,

SoundCloud Amps Up Music Discovery To Compete With Spotify and Apple Music

But, is this enough to convert its 175 million users to its paid subscription service ‘SoundCloud Go’? Earlier in the year SoundCloud announced the addition of a stations feature. Now, the streaming service has announced an update to this feature which allow users to discover music in what SoundCloud calls ”a lean back, seamless listening experience”. The new update to the feature allows users to create stations from artists pages, as

Spotify Boosts Paying Subscribers by 23%…

Spotify stays ahead of competition… According to a report by MBW, Spotify has hit 37 million paying subscribers, adding approximately 2 million paying users a month in the last quarter alone.  If these figures are correct, it means that June was the fastest growth period for the streaming service since launching in 2008. It would also represent the biggest premium conversion rate in Spotify’s history. These reported figures are a massive jump from

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There Are 185 Classic Movie Monsters in This Image — How Many Can You Name?

Like many of us, artist Alex Pardee is a big dorky fan of monster movies — so much so that his years of watching them and sketching them have now resulted in this pretty incredible piece of art featuring 185 different monsters. Some of them are good and some of them are real bad, but all of them are memorable in their own ways. And Pardee’s colorful style reveals each