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Breaking: Uncensored Kanye West ‘Famous’ Video Hits YouTube

Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ video is now available to watch on YouTube. The controversial Famous video has already racked up more than 2.7 million views in just 2 days.  Famous is the fourth track on West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ album, and the video to the song was released exclusively on Tidal last week.  The video is 10 minutes and 44 seconds long, and 5 minutes out of the video consists of

Sony Music Tricked Michael Jackson Fans Into Buying Fake CDs

A California Judge says Sony Music will have to pay. In 2014, a Michael Jackson fan suspected the songs she was listening to were fake.  That fan, Vera Serova, accused Jackson’s long time friend Eddie Cascio and his production company, Angelikson Productions LLC, of creating and selling fake songs via Michael Jackson’s estate and Sony Music Entertainment.   Also implicated was James Porte. The fake songs were allegedly released on the 2010

Google Caught Up In Twitter Debate Over Infringing Domain Links

Google doesn’t back down in online pirate site debate. But, neither does their opponent…. Google’s Senior Copyright Counsel, Fred Von Lohmann was caught up in a Twitter debate over how the search giant deals with infringing domain links. It all started yesterday, when a TorrentFreak article was circulating social media platforms and made an appearance on Twitter. The article discussed the MPAA’s deal with the Donuts registry and how this impacted The

Dear Spotify, Here Are a Few Suggestions on Where to Stuff Something. Signed, Apple.

Really want to piss off the boss, Spotify? Spotify’s decision to demand an exception from Apple’s typical App Store rules, and then complain to the media after getting rejected is not sitting well with the dons of Apple.  In a letter leaked to Buzzfeed from Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell, Spotify is gently urged to reconsider their disrespectful actions, and think about all the good Apple has done for them. “Our

Top 10 Music Industry Stories This Week

DMN rewinds to bring you the top 10 Music Industry stories this week. 1. Breaking: Apple (Not Google) In Discussions to Purchase Tidal. Apple is now considering a purchase of Tidal, according to details just published by the Wall Street Journal.  Citing ‘people familiar with the matter,’ the Journal pointed to ‘exploratory talks’ but offered nothing on deal terms. A sale would give Tidal owner Jay Z a considerable windfall, and a nice

Is Billboard Magazine Really ‘Hemorrhaging Cash’?

The presence of a mysterious buyer is stirring old questions about Billboard. Billboard looks like it could change hands — again — with current owner Eldridge Industries potentially looking to sell the longtime industry trade magazine.  The news follows an unexpected divestiture from previous owner Guggenheim Partners last year, with exiting Guggenheim majority owner and chief executive Todd Boehly taking Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter to his new venture. Now, there’s a buyer kicking the tires,

The New York Times Calls Bullshit on the ‘Apple Buying Tidal’ Story…

Did Tidal pull a fast one on the Wall Street Journal? Apple isn’t even considering buying Tidal, according to another group of sources speaking with the New York Times.  Ben Sisario, a longtime respected journalist whose writing focus includes streaming music, dropped the buzzkill late Thursday.  “Two highly placed sources tell me that Apple is not buying Tidal,” Sisario tweeted. That follows a Wall Street Journal report claiming the exact

Lawyer Who Sued Led Zeppelin Suspended From Practicing Law

Francis Malofiy will not be appealing the ‘Stairway To Heaven’ case. He’s been suspended, according to The Hollywood Reporter… Francis Malofiy – the attorney for the Michael Skidmore has been suspended from practising law for his unruly behaviour during the Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway To Heaven’ case. Throughout the six-day trial, Malofiy had over one hundred sustained objections from Judge R. Gary Klausner. Malofiy also showed a video that was not previously approved to be played during trial.

Breaking: Apple (Not Google) In Discussions to Purchase Tidal…

But will regulators approve the acquisition? Apple is now considering a purchase of Tidal, according to details just published by the Wall Street Journal.  Citing ‘people familiar with the matter,’ the Journal pointed to ‘exploratory talks’ but offered nothing on deal terms. A sale would give Tidal owner Jay Z a considerable windfall, and a nice digital music ‘flip’.  Roughly one year ago, Jay Z purchased then-WiMP for $56 million

Apple Remains Under Federal Investigation Over Apple Music Practices…

Federal Trade Commission Headquarters, Washington DC Apple is squeezing Spotify. Now, the US Government is squeezing Apple. Senator Elizabeth Warren confirmed the continuing investigation by US Government regulators in comments this morning, part of a broader speech dealing with the anti-competitive nature of corporate consolidation.  The Massachusetts Democrat buried the investigation in a long-winded tirade against ‘too big to fail’ banks, mega-airlines, and overbearing tech players like Apple. That includes