Apple Working On R Kelly’s ‘Trapped In the Closet’ Sequel

Lean-Op (CC by 2.0) To further their Apple Music TV plans, Apple may very well produce the sequel to R Kelly’s popular ‘Trapped in the Closet.’ Apple has bigger plans than just streaming music. The Cupertino-based company acquired the rights to stream Carpool Karaoke. The company is also working on a new reality show dubbed Planet of the Apps. Now, will they also help produce the sequel to R Kelly’s

ISIS Sympathizer Admits: I Tried to Kill Elton John on 9/11

Dena Flows (CC by 2.0) To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a British teen wanted to blow up an Elton John concert. 19-year-old Harood Syed admitted today to plotting a September 11 bomb attack last year. British officers caught the teen after he spoke to a British Security Service undercover officer on an online chat service. He plead guilty at the Old Bailey to a

Has Blockchain Arrived? Spotify Makes the Biggest Move Yet

Mike Seyfang (CC by 2.0) Spotify has one solution to helping artists get paid faster: use blockchain. Last year, Mediachain Labs introduced its ‘Attribution Engine.’ The engine would select the best openly-licensed images using machine learning. It would then automatically add the proper attribution to the images so creators would get “the credit they need and deserve.” Now, Spotify wants to use the same technology to better attribute songs on

Just Got My Microsoft Groove Royalty Check In the Mail…

We’ve seen some hilarious royalty statements over the years.  Actually, it’s only hilarious until it has your name on it. Remember that massive controversy over streaming mechanical publishing licenses?  It all started in late 2015, with class action lawsuits and millions at stake.  In the end, streaming platforms like Spotify, Microsoft Groove, Rhapsody, and Google Play Music got with the program and started sending checks to publishers and songwriters for

How to Score $20 Tickets to Major Summer Concerts

401(K) 2012 (CC by 2.0) Want to see top performers this summer, but don’t want to pay $200? After a successful run with Kid Rock, Live Nation is expanding its $20 concert program. On National Concert Day this year, Live Nation will once again kick off its summer concert season.  And to sweeten the deal, they’re offering fans tickets to hot shows for just $20. The move follows a successful

If Rap Monster Goes Solo, BTS ‘Trainees’ Could Keep the Group Alive

Rap Monster poses with the BTS supporting cast. It’s the biggest threat that any successful group faces: the top guy going solo.  Now, a ‘trainee’ program could give BTS’ management the insurance plan it needs if Rap Monster (or anyone else) decides to leave. BTS is currently enjoying meteoric success and global fandom.  But surging success can sometimes intensify internal tensions, with hectic schedules and demanding fans pushing performers to

Music Industry Jobs: Who’s Getting Hired, Fired, Retired, and Promoted

Phil King (CC by 2.0) April has been a pretty busy month in the music industry. Who got hired, fired, promoted, and retired? First Access Entertainment named former Ultra Records A&R Director Oscar Scivier as its new Vice President of A&R. In his new role, he’ll work out of the company’s New York and Los Angeles offices. He’ll help develop music releases and sign new talent. Sony Music Nashville promoted

Calculate Your Earnings from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play & More

How much should Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Microsoft Groove, Google Play Music and Napster be paying you?  Here’s a handy calculator to help you figure it all out. In the old days, it was easy to figure out your payments from iTunes downloads, CDs, and vinyl.  Or at least, what you should have been getting paid.  But streaming music is almost impossible to calculate.  And the main reason

Pandora Has Stopped Paying Artists Over 50% of Their Money

At Canadian Music Week this past Friday I attended the Questions with Mike Huppe (SoundExchange President and CEO) conversation. After a 20 minute humble brag about how SoundExchange has seen double digit growth every year for the past decade and that SoundExchange paid out $890 million last year to artists and labels, I raised my hand and asked a question. I first explained that artists who had great success on

Riddle Me This: Can You Sue Over Pantera’s Guitar Design?

SurFeRGiRL30 (CC b y 2.0) You make a guitar design for a friend. That friends ends up going famous in Pantera. A company likes the design, so they “borrow” it. What do you do? Sue. An instrument designer says he was the one who helped design Pantera’s signature guitar. Now, he’s going to court to sue a guitar company for allegedly infringing on his design. Buddy Webster, aka Buddy Blaze,