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Is Justin Bieber the Next Michael Jackson?

It doesn’t take much effort to be the King of Pop these days. Just look at Justin Bieber. During last night’s Desus & Mero, the Kid Mero and Desus Nice played a clip of Bieber dancing. Instead of giving it his all, the beloved pop star looked mad faded as he apathetically half-assed the routine. But hey, it seems to be working. His net worth is off the charts. Yes,

Welcome to Justice's Private Universe

Photos by Emma Le Doyen. Xavier is talking about meat. Specifically, he is telling me about a time, recently, in London, when he invited a butcher to where he was staying and together they carved and cooked expensive cuts of beef. He talks in detail about the knives, the marbling of the flesh, the smell of the grilled meat, the taste. He tells me that the restaurant we are going

How Will 'Safe Spaces' in Nightlife Survive the Trumpocalypse?

“I can’t, I can’t…” sobs a young black woman who has collapsed on a flight of stairs at the Boiler Room Weekender festival in Pennsylvania. She has just gotten caught by security for allegedly possessing a small amount of weed. In footage THUMP obtained of the incident, four men in black police uniforms loom over her in a tight circle. Following the woman’s arrest earlier this month, escalating tensions between

The VICE Guide to Right Now: A New Documentary About Prince Will Include Bono and Mick Jagger

Photo via Flickr user Scott Penner “Life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last.”—Prince, “1999” Fans are still in mourning over Prince’s untimely death in April of this year. The rock star, actor, humanitarian, and all-around innovator was one of the most important and influential American musicians. While the world is a poorer place without the Purple One, at least we’ll get to celebrate his legacy with

A Brief History of Masked DJs—from Orbital to Marshmello

In Off the Record, rave historian Michaelangelo Matos takes a critical look at the culture surrounding dance music—from food to clothes to design and writing. In this installment, he traces the evolution of masked DJs from Orbital to Deadmau5 and beyond—and the way they formalized the radical anonymity that has marked electronic music since it’s inception. Dance music has fetishized anonymity from the beginning. It’s called losing yourself in the

The Program That Transformed Electronic Music Performance Forever

The history of Ableton usually starts in 2001, when the Berlin-based software company released their first product, Ableton Live—a digital audio workstation and audio sequencer that, among its many functions, allows musicians to easily store and trigger samples during their shows so audiences can watch them build songs in real time. This game-changing software made it easier for the average person to make music and use their computer as an

How to Explain Your Thotty Raver Lifestyle to Your Family at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is when you find out that the people closest to you are not the people you thought they were. Early on in the night, much like the porta potties at warehouse parties, everything starts off clean and unscathed. Everyone in your family is mingling peacefully, and the only tension in the room is stemming from your niece asking if you have games on your phone, but first you

Will Marshmello Save EDM?

Photo courtesy of Cindy Ord. Last Friday I watched Marshmello play an hour-long show in Youtube Space NY, a film studio and performance space on the fifth floor of Google’s Manhattan offices in the Chelsea Market complex. The EDM sensation—wearing his standard uniform of white pants, a white long-sleeve shirt, and a white bucket on his head with Xs for eyes—gamely spun his tunes and jumped up and down while

​Remembering, the Internet's Greatest Music Archive

In 2010, I was living in Pullman, Washington, working during the day as a Music Director at KZUU my college’s radio station, and at night as a cashier at the only record store within 100 miles. Having a reliable source for free music wasn’t a priority, but stranded in a small rural town, I desperately needed variety. While lamenting a fruitless Google search for Deerhunter demos from the band’s late-aughts

How Reagan-Era New York Nightlife Could Provide a Template for the Next After-Dark Revolution

This post ran originally on THUMP UK. The promotional campaign for Tim Lawrence’s much anticipated and unusually prescient new book, Life and Death On The New York Dance Floor, 1980-1983, has seen the acclaimed author traverse the Atlantic to attend panels, receive plaudits, and throw parties. Over the course of four years, Lawrence has made it his business to interview around 130 people for his journey through the vibrant and