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For the Young and Restless Singer Bibi Bourelly, Age Is Irrelevant

We met up with the undeniably cool Bibi Bourelly on the steps of the Museum of Natural History following her performance at the Roots Festival in NYC. Living up to her hype, Bibi is sharp, magnetic, and true to her musical persona—’can’t nobody tell her she ain’t real, no.’ For 22-year-old Bourelly—who has already worked with the likes of Rihanna, Kanye, and Usher—age is irrelevant People seem to obsess over

David Mancuso Taught Us That Being Selfless Is the Ultimate Act of Rebellion

David Mancuso and Colleen Murphy (Photo by Dave Swindells) Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy was one of David Mancuso’s closest friends and artistic collaborators. She is also the founder of Classic Album Sundays and co-founder of Lucky Cloud Loft Party. After Murphy began attending and playing records at Mancuso’s Loft parties in New York in the early 90s, he adopted her as one of his protégés, eventually telling Time Out New York

Every Daft Punk Song, Ranked—Yeah, All of Them

Illustrations by Ben Ruby Daft Punk‘s ambitions have never really changed—only their methods. From their early experiments in bone-rattling techno to their recent forays into maximalist pop, all of the duo’s musical phases are simply new fronts in the duo’s war on time itself. The robot shtick gives the game away. Transforming themselves into immortal creatures, they express themselves through gleaming, chromed-out, formally perfect pop songs built to endure the

David Mancuso, Iconic DJ and Founder of the Loft, Has Died at 72

Image via Facebook. David Mancuso, 72-year-old celebrated DJ and founder of New York’s iconic party The Loft, has died, sources close to Mancuso have confirmed to THUMP. Since the late 60s, Mancuso has been lauded as a selector, but his founding of the Loft on February 14, 1970 placed him at the forefront of New York’s burgeoning underground club scene. Unlike the commercial clubs that existed at the time, Mancuso’s

'He Smells Like a Men's Gym': Kids Write Raps About Donald Trump

Donald Trump in the White House (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images) When I saw the election, I saw Trump winning /And after that my head got to spinning.Trump is bad / Trump is sad tooTrump look like Hitler from World War Two.He won the election because he cheated /It’s the only reason he didn’t get beated.–Jaylon, fifth grade At the Spanish-language immersion school where I currently

Why Are People Brushing Their Teeth at Noise Shows? An Investigation

Photo by Tomaž Štolfa/Flickr Free Radicals is usually THUMP’s column dedicated to experimental electronic music. Each month, we take a look at the trends emerging from the frayed fringes of the dancefloor and why they’re meaningful. In these outer realms, sometimes things get a little strange. This is a special report. One of the very first times I went to a noise show in St. Petersburg, Florida, a short drive

Leonard Cohen's Literary Work Was as Essential as His Music

Photo courtesy of Rama/Wikicommons When I received the news yesterday that Leonard Cohen has passed at the age of 82, I knew the protocol: wax nostalgic, dig through his archives. But while many people posted their favorite tracks on YouTube, I investigated his literary oeuvre. Unlike some songwriters who have been dubbed poets of their generations, Cohen penned exceptional verses without an instrument at hand. By the time he released

Check Out THUMP's Panels on the State of the Dancefloor at BEMF

The 2016 edition of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival kicked off in our fair borough last weekend, but the good times are just getting started. In addition to hosting The Black Madonna b2b Mike Servito (aka, a coveted Servdonna set) at Analog BKNY this weekend, THUMP has teamed with BEMF to present an evening of four panel discussions. Starting at 4pm on Saturday, November 12th, we’ll be gathering at Williamsburg’s Kinfolk

What Sun Ra's Poetry Can Teach Us About Afrofuturism

Sun Ra and his Sun Ra Archestra perform with a steel sculpture on September 23, 1978, at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Leni Sinclair/Getty Images) The Tower of Babel is a biblical myth explaining the formation of Earth’s many languages, and it’s been explored by artists in many different mediums. One of the most stirring examples is a mid-50s poem by legendary jazz musician Sun Ra. It

Vancouver’s Angriest Punk and Metal Promoter on Battling Slumlords and Hipsters

Wendythirteen has been at war with slumlords and hipsters since before some punks were born. Photo by Jackie Dives This article originally appeared on VICE Canada If you need proof that time is a flat circle in Vancouver, ask punk and metal show promoter Wendythirteen how her week has been. I coincidentally did this recently, and her answer immediately transported me through time and space back to 2009. At the