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A Long Drive with Car Seat Headrest

All photos by Timothy Norris There’s no place quite like your car for listening to music alone. Even on the most non-tricked out of sound systems, music transforms a drive from an otherwise uncomfortable, isolating experience into a sacred space. We can turn it up loud, we can sing even louder, we can sob. We can flout keys and let our voices crack, watching the world around us from the

Pulse’s Resident DJs Open Up About Life After the Orlando Shooting

On June 12, a gunman attacked an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring 53 in what was the deadliest mass shooting in US history. It happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, as Pulse’s popular Latin Night was underway. Three of the DJs playing at the club that night—DJ In… On June 12, a gunman attacked an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring

Country Storyteller Brandy Clark's Big Small Town Dreams Are Coming True

Photo by Pamela Littky Everyone’s definition of a “big day” is different; shit, it can change on a daily basis. Maybe you saw something crazy on the subway or your smoke alarm went off, or you ate the best hot dog you have ever had in your life. Maybe you got a big promotion or did something life-changing, or helped someone in need, or learned something new. Thanks to the recent release

We Asked Metalheads What They Think of Zayn Malik’s New 'Metal' Merch

Cool very br00tal Zayn shirt. Photo via Zayn’s merch store Who’d have known that metal would have its moment in the sun? But it really, really has. Fashion has been obsessed with heavy metal aesthetics since Kanye commissioned Metallica-style tees for his 2013 Yeezus tour. Bieber then followed by getting Mark Riddick, a huge creative force in the black and death metal scenes, to design his Purpose tour shirts. Fashion

I Tried to Find a Record Store in Cuba and Ended Up Participating in a Santeria Ritual

All photos by the author. Back in May, I visited Cuba for the first time for the debut of Santiago’s MANANA festival. I knew that the country had a rich musical history that stretched back over centuries, and witnessed the island’s wholehearted embrace of contemporary music and technology firsthand, despite the fact that consistent internet access is still new to most Cubans. Still, given this enormous musical heritage, there was

Tom Morello and Prophets of Rage Want to Make America Rage Again

Photo by Andy Kellen/Rolling Stone Three weeks from now, while the whipped dogs still loyal to the GOP endure a four night buffet of freshly tossed Trumpian word salad, Prophets of Rage will be on the streets of Cleveland. Outside the walls of the Republican National Convention, the band—comprising members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill—will play the first show of a national tour running up

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the World’s Most Brutal Middle-School Metal Band

In the summer of 2013, a YouTube video appeared showing a trio of 11- and 12-year-old boys playing astonishingly polished metal in Times Square. The band, called Unlocking the Truth—guitarist/vocalist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins, and drummer Jarad Dawkins—soon became the center of internet buzz, and they attracted the attention of entertainment industry veteran Alan Sacks, creator of Welcome Back, Kotter and producer of numerous Disney TV movies. This grizzled,

The Thirteen Best Mixes of 2016 So Far

Mixes aren’t just fun to listen to; the best ones feel like the temperature of their time, drawing throughlines across scenes and sounds worldwide. We’ve already told you the year’s 30 best tracks and the 25 best albums , so as we reach 2016’s halfway mark, let’s take a look at the year’s finest attempts at this sort of magic, the 13 best mixes of 2016 so far. ANGEL-HO –

The VICE Guide to Right Now: Kool A.D. Just Dropped His Second Album of the Month

[embedded content] Fatherhood hasn’t slowed Kool A.D. down. The former Das Racist member and senior VICE parenting correspondent dropped a 100-song album at the end of 2015, which is a Herculean number of songs and would earn any normal artist at least a solid year of creative hibernation. But, maybe due to all the extra thinkin’ time kids provide to new dads in the dead of night, Kool A.D.’s output