The Ghostbusters are coming back! While there are some big changes with the new reboot (like the busters being played by women), some things remain the same. Hello again, simple beige jumpsuits. In honor of the oh-so-anticipated flick, here’s how to make your own personalized Ghostbusters T-shirt. 

You’ll need:

White T-shirt

5 (or more) tea bags


Fabric paints in orange and gray

Red fabric pen

Painter’s tape

Small paint brush

Optional: Ghostbusters Patch



1. Dye your white T-shirt using the tea. Simply boil water in a large pan and add in five or six tea bags. Once the water starts to turn brown, turn off the heat and immerse the T-shirt in the water. Let it sit and soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse and then dry shirt.


2. Take the painters tape and create two sets of stripes across the top of the shirt.

3. Paint the sections between the pieces of tape (four of them) with the orange color, let dry and then peel off tape.

4. Use a red fabric marker to write your last name in bold outlined letters on the upper-right-hand side.

5. Take the orange paint and apply in wide lines from the bottom of the shirt sleeve to about mid shoulder of the shirt (see image). Then paint narrow lines on both sides of the orange stripes. Let dry.

Optional: To really complete the look, buy one of these Ghostbusters patches and apply to the outside sleeve on one arm.

Now get out there and bust some ghosts!