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Actor, rapper…and Kpop singer? Jaden Smith looks to fulfill his lifelong dream.

It’s difficult to ignore Kpop’s success in the United States. Yesterday, BTS became the most-viewed Kpop group on YouTube. They’ve also played before sold-out crowds in the United States. Most recently, GFRIEND announced that they will play for the third time at KCON USA. However, will a successful actor soon join the Kpop ranks?

Last year, Jaden Smith met up with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. They first encountered in Paris. After the meeting, Smith declared that G-Dragon was a major inspiration for him.

Yesterday afternoon, Smith took to Twitter to announce his plans to release a Kpop single.

He first hinted at his plans to become a Kpop star back in December. He tweeted,

“People See Me And Ask Me If I Wanna Be A K Pop Star As If I Haven’t Made My Goals For 2017 Clear”

He had previously tweeted twice that he wanted to become a star in that genre.

Kpop fans were less than thrilled. Immediately after yesterday’s tweet, they took to Twitter to bash the actor.

“It’s not kpop if you haven’t trained under a Korean company and debut in Korea you know that right”

Another tweeted a mocking image,

User keshia followed with an image that told the actor to just stop.

Jaden Smith’s possible entry into the Kpop industry marks signals a growing global interest into the popular Korean music industry. Back in December, American rapper Wale declared his love for the pop genre in a freestyle beat. Just last month, he hinted at a possible collaboration with BTS’ Rapmon on Twitter.